From an early age I have been interested in people and societies and how they operate and evolve.  In particular, what is it that drives peoples, societies, and humanity to collectively take certain actions and determine right from wrong?  This question has always fascinated me, yet I never undertook a study of psychology or sociology, but only read and watched things here and there.

I have made observations of people, and myself, over the years, and come upon thoughts and ideas.  While I had a journal for awhile to collect some of these thoughts, they ended up scattered about and not really organized in any way.  I have decided to create this weblog to collect and organize my thoughts and ideas as they come to me.  Hopefully readers to this blog will find my writings here beneficial and insightful.  I won’t make any guarantees for consistency and the topics may vary quite a bit.

By the way, the name “aikigeo” is a conjunction of “aiki”, which comes from Japanese and means, roughly, “blending harmoniously”, and “geo” from the ancient Greek for “earth”.  Aikigeo is then supposed to mean “blending harmoniously with the earth”.  I’m not sure if this blog will quite live up to its title, but I thought it was a good name, if a bit cheesy.


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